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See Our Well-Maintained Towing Trucks and Equipment in Calgary

Towing and transport services are about so much more than just the trucks being used for the job. However, when you require such services, it’s important to know that the right equipment is being used for your safety and that of your vehicle and/or equipment involved. That’s why Forest Lawn Towing has invested in a new fleet of general and flat-deck trucks ready to undertake whatever towing or equipment transport assignment you throw our way. Our trucks are capable of towing or hauling vehicles or heavy equipment up to 20,000 pounds.

We’ve been accident-free for over 25 years and we intend to stay that way, thanks to our well-maintained trucks and equipment capable of providing vehicle and equipment towing and transport in Calgary and elsewhere in Alberta, not to mention across Canada and the United States. We invite you to examine our equipment on this page and then give us a call if you need us to get you, your vehicle or your equipment safely to a destination. We’re always happy to be of service, and you can rest assured we have the right trucks available for the job!


We transport vehicles and heavy equipment safely to their destination

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